Step into the captivating world of Stefan Soare, an extraordinary artist whose musical journey began in 2011 as “Vlad Sacker” in Argentina’s pulsating rave scene. With insatiable passion, he released two albums that soared to the Top 10 Hardcore/HardTechno Beatport charts.
In 2016, he transformed into “Stefan Soare,” a lover of Organic House and Melodic-House/Techno. His unique sound captivated hearts and minds, while the vibrant city of Buenos Aires and coastline became his playground.

In 2017, Stefan toured Europe, leaving a lasting impression at renowned venues like Mein Haus am See, Transit, Minimal Bar, and Hertz, Sottosopra, Scream Club. He captivated audiences from Rome to Berlin, sparking widespread excitement wherever he went.

He releases with labels such as Dear Deer Records, Votiva Records,Natura Viva Records, Evitative Records, Feel Hype Berlin, Big Bells Records. LTU (Germany), Mental Schizophrenia, Asymmetric Recordings runned by Lonya Koval. His latest release with Awen Records reached Top 3 Melodic House and Top 1 Progressive House Releases on Beatport Charts.

In 2022 after living in Trondheim, Norway, Stefan embarked on a triumphant homecoming tour across Argentina, electrifying the audiences at “Pirkas” in Neuquen and “Rommie” in Mar del Plata. But this was merely the beginning of his next chapter.

Now, settled in the enchanting city of Copenhagen, Denmark, Stefan has already performed in the renowned club “Culture Box” As he pours his soul into the studio, crafting his forthcoming releases for the upcoming semester, he also imparts his vast knowledge and passion for music production through teaching from his homestudio, nurturing the next generation of talent.

Stefan Soare is a rare breed of artist molded with a very strong and determined character.

“Art is the best way of social inclusion and to leave a grain of reflection in each mind for a better quality of life for all terrestrial creatures,” echoes Stefan Soare